Current Projects

Texas Citrus Tree Insurance

Lime AgriLogic Consulting is currently seeking Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board approval for the addition of lime trees to the Texas Citrus Tree Insurance Program for implementation in the 2016 crop year. 

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Triticale Insurance Program

TriticaleThe Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors has approved the development of a Triticale Insurance Program by AgriLogic Consulting, LLC of College Station Texas.  Program development is underway.  Listening sessions were held on March 5, 2015 in Pendleton, Oregon and on March 6, 2015 in Almira, Washington to learn more about the risks that triticale growers face.  Another listening session will be held in Sacramento, California in April 2015.  The exact time and date is yet to be determined.  Read more about this project in a March 9, 2015 Capital Press article.  

Pecan Tree Insurance Program

Pecan TreeThe Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors has approved the development of a Pecan Tree Insurance Program by AgriLogic Consulting, LLC of College Station, Texas in conjunction with a number of state and regional pecan growers’ associations.   AgriLogic will also be working heavily with industry representatives in addition to pecan specialists at each of the major land grant universities in these areas.

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Completed Projects

  • Apiculture Risk Management Program

    The Apiculture Risk Management Program was a two-phase partnership between the USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA), and AgriLogic. The goal of the partnership was to assess the feasibility of providing risk management and/or insurance programs to apiculture producers. The feasibility of a crop insurance program for beekeepers was conducted and

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  • Burning Risk Advisory Support System (BRASS)

    Burning Risk Assesment System Logo AgriLogic was awarded the Burning Risk Advisory System (BRASS) project in 2002 by the USDA Risk Management Agency to design, develop and implement a BRASS for a 25-county pilot area in the Shreveport National Fire Weather reporting district. The pilot area is within portions of state fire districts in Arkansas,

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  • Cabbage & Mint Pilot Program Evaluation

    Cabbage and Mint AgriLogic was awarded a contract by the USDA - RMA to conduct a program evaluation of the Cabbage pilot insurance program and the Mint pilot insurance program. The evaluation was used to determine if the program should be continued as a pilot program, modified from its current form, terminated, or converted

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  • Calf-SCRAMBL

    Calf-SCRAMBL (STRATEGIC COMPARISON OF REVENUE ALTERNATIVES FOR BOVINE LIVESTOCK): was developed with the objective of improving techniques for managing price, revenue, and market risks by allowing the producer to compare several marketing alternatives early on and make an informed decision at harvest (weaning) time.

    The interactive nature of the cost

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