DARTS Diversified Agriculture Revenue Translation System


  Assisting diversified agricultural producers hit the target in maintaining sound financial records.

Photos courtesy of Canola Council, USDA, Alderman's CaseIH, Inc., and S. Clifton Parks





DARTS Video Tutorials

DARTS Software Introduction Tutorial

Welcome to the DARTS Introduction Video Tutorial.  This tutorial provides a general overview of DARTS and its features. If you would like to view any of the tutorials in full-screen mode, please click the button in the lower right hand corner of the video.

DARTS Allowable Revenue Identification Wizard Tutorial Videos

The DARTS Allowable Revenue Identification Video Tutorials below will guide you through the step-by-step process of completing the DARTS Allowable Revenue Identification Wizard for an example agriculture producer applying for coverage under the WFRP crop insurance program.


S. Clifton Parks, Principle Investigator

Working hard to provide state-of-the-art risk management tools and solutions that preserve, promote, and protect the agricultural community.