Senior Vice President, Quantitative Analysis

Dr. Keith Schumann is the Vice President, Quantitative Analysis, of AgriLogic Consulting, LLC. in College Station, Texas. Dr. Schumann is also the Vice President of Simetar, Inc. which distributes statistical simulation and econometrics software systems. He has extensive experience in risk analysis and management as well as experience in the specialty areas of agricultural risk consulting, actuarial science, labor economics and compliance consulting, agricultural policy analysis, and econometric and statistical decision theory.

He received his B.S. in Agribusiness, M.S. in Agricultural Economics, and Ph.D. in Statistics from Texas A&M University. He has publications in various econometric, applied economics, and farm management journals as well as numerous agricultural experiment station books, working papers, professional papers, and presentations. He has also taught a number of seminars and workshops on risk analysis and simulation. In his tenure with AgriLogic Consulting, he has contributed to the development of crop insurance programs for an array of commodities with a particular emphasis on the development of pricing and actuarial models.