Risk Management Education Series for Veteran Farmers

Understanding and managing risk is a critical element to running a successful operation. As part of our efforts to help veteran farmers better understand risk management and the tools and resources available for managing risk, we are presenting a risk management webinar series. Within the webinar series, we will explore various risks encountered in production agriculture as well as various methods and tools for dealing with those risks. Topics will range from various production risks, general liability, record keeping, food safety, crop insurance and FSA programs. Topics and dates for each webinar are provided below:

1/16/2024 2/20/2024 3/19/2024 4/9/2024 5/6/2024 6/4/2024 7/2/2024 7/30/2024 8/27/2024
Livestock Programs [View Webinar] Whole Farm Revenue Protection/Micro Farm Program [View Webinar] Actual Production History Programs [View Webinar] Grapevine and Tree Programs [View Webinar] General Liability and Record Keeping [View Webinar] Food Safety [View Webinar] [View PDF] Apiculture / Pasture, Rangeland, Forage FSA and Other Risk Management Programs Risk Management Panel Discussion and Open Q&A

Registration links for these webinars will be added to this page as they become available.

This webinar series represents a continuation of our risk management education activities for new producers and veterans. Please review this page for access to previous education activities and materials.