Pecan Tree Insurance Program

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The Pecan Tree Insurance Program was approved by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of Directors for implementation on June 3, 2016, and is now available for the upcoming crop year.  AgriLogic Consulting, LLC of College Station, Texas in conjunction with a number of state and regional pecan growers’ associations developed the Pecan Tree Program by working heavily with industry representatives and pecan specialists. The program will provide insurance protection on the life of pecan trees in commercial orchards.  This is a separate policy from the existing Pecan Revenue Crop Insurance Program which covers the production of the nuts.  Numerous weather-related perils such as hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, and floods will be covered.  The product will reimburse producers for the cost of rehabilitating or replacing trees (including tree and debris removal) in the event a covered peril causes significant damage to an orchard.  Other federal tree insurance programs include Florida Citrus and Tropical Trees, Texas Citrus Trees, Hawaii Tropical Trees, and Hawaii Macadamia Trees. 

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The program is available for the 2018 crop year, which begins July 1, 2017. The sales closing date is May 15th, 2017.